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Tronic’s purpose is to align businesses with technology and corporate strategy. Often, organisations purchase random technology in the hopes that it will have a positive effect on their business. Equally as often, IT funds are spent on frivolous and inappropriate hardware and software. This is the primary reason companies over-purchase and under-produce in the IT field. The value of using Tronic is that we align your technology with your business strategy. We also design each network, each cabling solution, each network phone system, and each communication solution in a way that can best enhance our clients business solution, therefore aligning technology with their business mission. Technology should increase business performance, not business expense.

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Which ISP do we recommended?

Aussie Broadband is our recommended ISP to use with Tronic Cloud and Tronic Hosted 3CX. This is because they peer...
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3CX – Get greater discounts when you purchase multiple years upfront!

When renewing or purchasing a new 3CX license, receive a discount for purchasing multiple years. For renewals receive a 5%...
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Meet the NEW 3CX Windows Desktop App

Uninterrupted workflow. Efficient workspace The native desktop app was built from the ground up using the same Electron framework as...
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3CX V18: Connecting Teams & Customers – Faster, Better, More Efficiently

The final version of 3CX V18 is here offering best in class audio quality, performance and reliability. With customer communication...
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Porting in Australia

What is Number Porting? When you decide to move to a new provider or switch to VoIP, it’s probably important...
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Using 3CX in a Hybrid Working Setup

Using 3CX in a Hybrid Working Setup Many organisations have had a shock to the system in adapting to remote working,...
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3CX Facebook and SMS integration

3CX Update 7, Adds Contact Center intergration with Facebook, SMS & Live Chat   Out now V16, Update 7 adds...
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Video Web Conferencing – 3CX Webmeeting   Imagine professional video conferencing that is simple to use and free. 3CX is...
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What is 3CX? Buyer’s Guide

The rise in remote working means businesses are looking to software to help them stay as productive as possible while...
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Signal Strength on Your Mobile Phone

If you ask most people about the current quality or strength of their phone’s cell signal, regardless of their carrier,...
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Tronic Now Accepts ZIP Business

This is great for our clients as they can get super quick approval and low interest rates on hardware. With...
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ISDN Shutdown: What you need to know ISDN (integrated services digital network) is a communications standard designed to transmit audio...
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ADI licenses being discontinued on Avaya IP Office

On the 4th of February, Avaya announced their intention to discontinue the supply of ADI licenses for any software version prior...
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ISDN End of Life

ISDN End of Life ISDN has been the foundation of communications in Australia for years. However soon the legacy of...
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Avaya Release 10.1 for IP Office

Avaya Release 10.1 for IP Office Overview On the 19th of June, Avaya released the latest update to the IP...
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Avaya IP Office Release 9.1 is here!

IP Office 9.1 is targeted for General Availability on December 22, 2014. Overview Avaya continues to improve the IP Office...
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Mobile Phone

  Mobile: • Blackberry • Business Plans • Consumer Plans • Capped Plans In today's age the use of mobile...
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Website Hosting

  Take the strain out of your hosting arrangements with our ultra-reliable and affordable fully managed hosting services. We can...
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  Tailored Communications Solutions: Tronic Networks enjoy partnerships with a wide range of carriers and have the knowledge and ability...
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T3comms becomes Tronic Networks…

T3comms becomes Tronic Networks
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At Tronic we not only offer our customers the highest quality products and services, but we strongly believe in offering the uppermost standard of after sales support.

If you have a query or issue that you need resolved, contact our customer support team and they will gladly assist you. We will always be there for you as we pride ourselves on reputation and repeat customers.

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