Avaya one-X Portal is a web browser-based client for Avaya telephony, messaging, conferencing, presence, and mobility. The solution brings the full power of Unified Communications to the PC in a single, intuitive and powerful tool. Via separate gadgets, one-X Portal for IP Office provides easy access to telephony features, call information, call control, directory and VoiceMail Pro mailbox.

Calls Gadget

Caller ID / Name Presentation
Caller ID is presented allowing users to see who’s calling before answering. The caller’s phone number and name are shown in the call status area. The same information is also displayed should a second incoming call be presented, allowing users to easily switch between calls.

Desktop PC Telephony Controls
one-X Portal for IP Office has telephony buttons in the call gadget that activate standard telephone functions such as Answer, Drop, Hold, Retrieve, Record, Consult and Transfer. Keyboard shortcuts are available for Answer, Hold, Drop and Call functions and can be configured by the user. Active calls can be easily parked by clicking on a park slot whilst displaying the active call.

Calls Logged Gadget

Call History
The call log displays details of calls you have made, received and missed and it will report the last 30 calls. Users can use the call log to view a history of incoming, outgoing or missed calls. The call log shows the actual call history, independent of whether the user was logged in at the time or not. The call log is centralized and also available on the desktop phone.

Messages Gadget

One-X Portal for IP Office will show new, saved and old voicemails received and provides access into the user mailbox allowing the user to play, rewind, fast-forward, save and delete messages. The user can easily call back the caller who left a message from the message gadget.

Directories Gadget

One-X Portal for IP Office can display several directories of names and associated telephone numbers.

Personal Directory
This is the user’s own directory of names and numbers. The user can associate multiple numbers (e.g. work, home, mobile, etc.) with a name and select which number to use when making a call. They can also edit and change the directory entries. The personal directory can contain up to 100 entries.

System Directory
This is the directory of names and numbers from the IP Office telephone system plus all the users and groups on the telephone system.

External Directory
The system administrator can configure one-X Portal for IP Office to access one external directory (Active Directory / LDAP)

The user can make a call directly from the directory gadget by clicking on the number associated with the entry. If more than one number is available for this entry, they can choose which one to call. Searching the directories is easy. With the Personal Directory and the System Directory, as you enter a name or number in the box at the bottom of the tab, only matching directory entries will remain in view.

The status can be:

User Status / Presence

For the directory entries of other IP Office users, one-X Portal for IP Office will indicate the status of the user at their work number. This status is available for users across an IP Office Small Community Network.

Presence within one-X Portal for IP Office allows the user to create sets of call redirection settings. Through the configuration tab the user can create different Presence entries and associate different rules to each such as forwarding to a different number or Do Not Disturb. In case of Do Not Disturb, the user can establish a list of numbers