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About Telecommunications

Tronic Telecommunications, is a Melbourne based wholly Australian owned company with roots dating back to 1998.

Our focus and purpose is to provide the type of service and products that enhance your organization’s strategy. We have always risen to challenges and succeeded where others have said “that’s good enough”. We strive to make each customer happy and satisfied with the job they have put before us. With the lack of personal service in today’s market, we go above and beyond to make things happen for our customers.

Tronic Networks is a Melbourne based Telecommunications Consultancy/Brokerage which was formed after recognising the need for unbiased telecommunications solutions, service and advice in the market place.

As an absolute partner of Australia’s leading telecommunications providers, we are here to aid organisations with express support for new products, services and the introduction of new telecommunications solutions as they are developed and introduced by our partners. Until de-regulation in the early nineties telecommunications in Australia were monopolised by one carrier.  Since then the telecommunications industry has become a mishmash of carriers, re-billers, dealers, and consultants. The market has become saturated with a multitude of products, rates, and choices making consumers puzzled and uncertain of what solutions best meet their individual needs.


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What You Can Expect from us

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Absolute Independence:

Tronic Networks has alliances with various telecommunications providers, thus we are utterly independent of any one carrier and/or service provider. This allows us to give you wholly unprejudiced solutions and recommendations. We represent you, the customer, and not the telecommunications companies. Our aim is to provide services and solutions which are beneficial for your company, not the Telco’s.

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After sales support:

At Tronic we not only offer our customers the highest quality products and services, but we strongly believe in offering the uppermost standard of after sales support.
If you have a query or issue that you need resolved, contact our customer support team and they will gladly assist you.
We will always be there for you as we pride ourselves on reputation and repeat customers.

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In House Highly Trained Technical Team:

The days of making choices based solely on price and cost reduction rather than quality and solution fit are well and truly behind us. Tronic has the unique advantage of having its own in-house Data and Systems technicians, as well as an Account Management and Business Analysis team, all of whom have been specifically trained in the industry. This allows our team to accurately identify the infrastructure and needs of our individual clients. The ability to conduct on site line and equipment audits eliminates the guess work when trying to determine an overall solution. Through the use of our auditing process we are often able to significantly condense overheads and advance effectiveness simply by eliminating lines and services that serve little or no purpose.

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“We make complicated things seem simple”

Tronic’s purpose is to align businesses with technology and corporate strategy. Often, organisations purchase random technology in the hopes that it will have a positive effect on their business. Equally as often, IT funds are spent on frivolous and inappropriate hardware and software.
This is the primary reason companies over-purchase and under-produce in the IT field. The value of using Tronic is that we align your technology with your business strategy. We also design each network, each cabling solution, and each communication solution in a way that can best enhance our clients business solution therefore aligning technology with their business mission. Technology should increase business performance, not business expense.
We are a ‘one-stop’ solutions business to meet the challenge of the young and rapidly growing Computer Telephony Integration & Unified Communications as well as an expanding Voice Over Internet Protocol, or ‘VoIP’ network. As a direct result, combining the different streams of technology such as Telephony, IT & Mobile solutions, Wireless solutions, Internet and VoIP, we are able to offer a complete solution, based on multiple products aligned to work with each other.
From this combination of skills and services Tronic is able to offer it’s clients a wealth of experience in the Computer and Telecommunication fields leading to a superior service through the provision of innovative solutions.

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