Call Pickup

What is Call Pickup?

Call Pickup allows you to pick up a call that’s ringing on another phone, from any phone on your Hosted PBX.

When you “call pickup” from another handset, the call will stop ringing on the other handset and be immediately answered on the phone you dial the pickup code from.

Use Cases

Call Pickup is very useful when a phone is ringing across the office – you can pick it up without leaving your desk.

How to pick up a call on a particular extension

You can pick up a call that’s ringing on a particular extension, simply by dialling… *98<Extension Number>

For example, to pick up extension 101 you would dial: *98101

How to pickup from all extensions

In certain circumstances, you may want to pick up from any ringing phone on your PBX, without specifying specifically which extension.

To do so, simply dial: *98

Note that this generally should only be used when only a single phone is ringing. If more than one phone is ringing, you will be connected to the first ringing call on your PBX.

If you’d like to pick up a particular ringing phone, please use the “per extension” option detailed above.

Quick Call Pickup Shortcut on Yealink Handsets

If you’re using a Yealink handset, you can quickly page someone simply dialling*98, then pressing their speed dial button.

BLF Key Pickup on Yealink Handsets

If you’re using a Yealink handset, you can configure the phone to do a “Call Pickup” automatically when you press someone’s BLF key when they have an incoming call.
For information on how to configure this, please see Yealink BLF Configuration Guide