Tailored Communications Solutions

Tailored Communications Packages

Tronic Networks enjoy partnerships with a wide range of carriers and have the knowledge and ability to offer many varying products and technologies. We believe that every company deserves to be treated as an individual and create our solutions accordingly, rather than offering generic solutions without fully understanding the needs of our clients.

Tronic Networks take the time to sit with each client, regardless of size and discuss the scope of your business. We then take a copy of your current phone account and conduct a line by line, call by call audit and analysis of your current call rates, service charges and infrastructure. Once we have determined all the necessary information, we compose an overall complete solution fit for your business, encompassing landline, mobile, internet, and if required, hardware. We have the capacity to negotiate rates with the carriers on behalf of our clients. Also any equipment or hardware needed is supplied and installed by our own Austel licensed technicians.



For any queries or support please contact us on 1300 788 718 or email us at info@tronic.com.au