WiFi/Wireless Installation

At Tronic, we have a wealth of experience delivering turn-key wireless solutions enabling businesses to meet both current and future network requirements. Our expert design and installation team will create a future proof wireless infrastructure for your business that enhances business agility, connectivity and productivity.

We even have links at our office we use everyday.

Whether you require a new wireless network or the optimization of your current system Tronic have the knowledge and expertise to help you maximise your network infrastructure.

We have the range and knowledge of products to deliver local WiFi networks with 1 or multiple access points and bridging wifi network for site to site connections with no ongoing costs.

All of the Wifi equipment Tronic use is designed to be carrier grade and of a high standard but with a reasonable price point.

Designed to perform

At Tronic, we design and install a wireless network solution that is aligned with your business objectives to ensure the optimal performance for your organisation. A key part of this process is to undertake a site survey. The site survey takes into consideration:

  • Network Usage
  • Devices Supported
  • Site Architecture
  • Range of Coverage
  • Mobility Needs
  • Line of site
  • Obstructions

By fully understanding your businesses network needs and requirements we can effectively deliver a tailored wireless solution that is designed to provide optimal network performance to meet your customer and employee needs now and into the future.