Zoiper for Windows and Mac

Make sure before you start that you have an extension available on your account (https://www.voipportal.com.au). To create an extension in your Tronic Cloud account, click on PBX Extensions, and then “Add Extension” (If you are using a SIP Trunking or Residential Account, click on SIP Trunks, and then “Add Extension”). When configuring the device phone, you’ll want to use the “Register Username” (not the shortened Extension Number) and the Password of the Extension you’ve created:

To configure Zoiper to your Tronic Cloud account, first download and install the program. Run the application and follow the setup:

Zoiper is free for basic use or paid for advanced feature such as click to dial. Click Continue as Free user for Free version.

Here you will place your Extension number and the SIP Server pbx.tronic.com.auand password from the extension you previously made as the below screenshot shows:

Make sure the full Extension Number is entered along with the SIP Server (ie: 123101@pbx.tronic.com.au). From

here, simply follow the steps through:

You should now be able to make and receive calls through the device.

If you have any troubles making and receiving calls from here on, please give Tronic a call on 1300 799 095