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Phone System Service Assurance/Maintenance & Repair

Tronic Communication offers phone system Service & maintenance and equipment servicing either on a case by case basis or through a maintenance contract. Our services cover Victoria, NSW and QLD.  Getting your telephony equipment serviced with Tronic Communication  ensures that you will receive quality, efficient service by industry  leading technicians. With a maintenance  contract you are ensured that your phone system is never down for long  and you will never have to pay for a new part when damage is  experienced through normal use. In addition, common maintenance  practices, such as moves, adds, and changes are provided at a  discounted rate.

Why Do I Need A Service Assurance/Maintenance Agreement?

To budget for fixed costs, guaranteed parts availability and faster restore times. Most manufacturers offer at least a 1 year warranty. This is all well  and good, but who pays the labour required to identify simple  malfunctions from truly faulty parts, and then professionally remove,  (without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty), while directly dealing  with the manufacturer? Unfortunately the manufacturer’s warranty does  not cover these services. They certainly won’t pay a service company to  perform this duty on your behalf.

Service Assurance/Maintenance contract holders have access to
  • Free Part Replacement – Parts need to be replaced periodically. If your telecom equipment  experiences failure during normal use we will replace it and install it  for free. Now your phone system can be fully insured.
  • Priority Status – All contracted customers receive priority status for parts and  services over non-contracted customer’s. In addition, all service under  a contract has a guaranteed response time. Your system will always have  guaranteed immediate support.
  • Discounted Services – Contracted customers receive discounted rates for services not  covered under a maintenance contract such as moves, adds and changes of  new and existing equipment.
  • Same Day  Response Time – For all major outages you’re contract guarantees you a same day response time so you’re system can never be down for long.
 Full service for all Tronic customers (Whether case by case or contracted)
    • Maintenance Evaluation – We will  evaluate all of your maintenance needs before we charge you for any  technical services. This way all problems get handled, and you don’t  pay for services you won’t need.
    • Remote and Onsite Access – If you prefer more speedy service we can dial in to your switch and perform system   functions from anywhere. If you prefer the personal touch of on-site maintenance Tronic can also send a tech to you.
    • Fast, Personable, and Reliable Service – Our #1 priority is the customer experience. We will make sure that  your maintenance is handled completely and efficiently by a our  friendly technicians.
Authorized Repair Services – Complete Phone System Coverage

Tronic Communication is an Authorized Dealer of Nortel. As an Authorized Dealer,  Tronic Communication can professionally inspect and remove faulty  equipment without voiding a manufacturer’s warranty. A maintenance  agreement covers the labor service costs on top of the manufacturers  warranty for the first year. Any extended service agreement beyond this  period will then continue to cover the service labor as well as the  parts after the manufacturers warranty expires. If the parts are  already over a year old, or were purchased from another provider,  Tronic Communication can still provide a service agreement to cover the  cost of parts and service labor.

So,  why take risks when you can have a high priority premium service with  full coverage on the cost of parts and labour? Makes sense doesn’t it?

A Comprehensive Portfolio of Services

A Tronic Service Assurance/Maintenance Agreement includes:

  • Complete coverage includes switches, phones, voice mail and other peripherals
  • Customized service agreements
  • Prioritized response for major failures
  • Off Site Backup of system data available
  • Technician Maintenance visits at no additional cost
  • Remote programming and/or maintenance
  • Technical assistance provided online and by phone
  • Periodic preventative maintenance
  • Emergency service/disaster recovery
  • Replacement of defective equipment
  • Rapid technician dispatch and arrival reduces system downtime.
  • Technicians will arrive prepared to resolve issue on first visit.
  • Provides replacement parts at no cost to you to avoid unexpected expenses.
  • Rapid delivery minimizes downtime
  • With continuous technical support, you eliminate the risk of waiting for service.
  • Billed at a standard rate to maintain the same quality within your budget.
  • Utilize help line and avoid delays by resolving basic programming issues independently.


Help Is Only A Phone Call Away

We’re there when you need us.

Your system is an integral piece of your company’s success. We know  that system just a bit better and you will improve productivity.  Assistance in resolving routine programming issues and basic system  support is simply a phone call away. For those issues that cannot be  resolved through remote access, discounted onsite consultative  services are also available.



Download the Tronic Communications Service Assurance Maintenance Contract