Broadband Internet:


• ADSL2+


• Wireless

Over the past few years, internet technology has moved at an alarming rate. With so many companies barraging us with offers of fast cheap internet it has become difficult for the consumer to identify which is the best internet product for their individual needs. There is a common misconception that all broadband is the same regardless of service provider or cost.

Tronic Networks internet phone service will sit with you and discuss the level of service you need and expect from your internet plan and provider then tailor a solution to your needs. Tronic Networks has partnerships with a range of tried and trusted Internet Service Providers and have our own IT specialists and technicians on board so we are not only able to recommend a solution. We can also install and implement

Fixed land line:





Tronic Networks offer a wide range of fixed line services and carriers, therefore we are able to accurately determine and identify your current fixed line services and their suitability to your company’s individual needs.

Whether you are happy with your current infrastructure and are just after better pricing or your company is going through changes and need to upgrade your entire fixed line structure, Tronic Networks has the expertise to advise, negotiate, and facilitate the perfect solution fit for you.

Hardware Supply and Install:

• PABX/Key-systems

• Analogue Cards

• PRI/BRI Cards

• Handsets

Tronic Networks has the unique advantage of having direct partnerships with leading PABX manufacturers, as well as having our own Communications /IT specialists and technicians on board. This heightens our understanding of your infrastructure and needs. We are not only able to recommend solutions. We can supply and install any hardware that you require, from new or refurbished phone systems, to simple upgrades, we can deliver.


• Blackberry

• Business Plans

• Consumer Plans

• Capped Plans

In today’s age the use of mobile telephony has become integral to the success of every individual company.

We will analyse your calling and usage patterns, take coverage into account, determine the level of contact you have with other members of your organisation and put together the ideal mobile and or blackberry package to suit your needs.

For any queries or support please contact us on 1300 788 718 or email us at