Login to the My Account Portal at voipportal.com.au and go to Other Services > Conferencing.

If you already have a configured conference that you’d like to re-use, skip to the next section.

Click the Add Conference button to create your conference room, then enter a name for the conference and set any of the other fields as required. For more information on what each field does, please see Portal Guide – Conferencing

Once the conference has been saved, take note of the Conference ID, Admin PIN and User PIN as these will need to be distributed to the conference participants.

Setting up a Dedicated Conference Number (optional)

A dedicated conference number is a phone number residing on your account which, when dialled, connects the caller directly to your conference room. If you don’t wish to have a dedicated number, skip to Using a Conference below.

To setup a dedicated number, select the Number Routing page of the My Account Portal, the click Add a Number. In the local number field, select a phone number, then in the route to field, choose Conferences, and the conference you created previously, then click Add number

Using a Conference

To join a conference, use one of the following:

Extensions on your phone system: Dial 50011, enter your conference ID and either the Admin or User PIN number

External participants, if you have a dedicated number: Dial the dedicated conference number, then enter either the Admin or User PIN

Any users that connected to the conference using the Admin PIN can press the * key on their phone to mute or unmute all other participants.

Note that the maximum number of participants in a conference is limited by the number of concurrent calls (also know as lines or channels) on your account.

Portal Guide – Conferencing

A conference is a virtual meeting room, allowing multiple people, both internal and external, to join a call. This is commonly used for staff meetings, or for discussions with multiple stakeholders.

Conferences are setup and managed through the My Account Portal, https://www.voipportal.com.au/ by selecting Other Services then Conferencing.

The number of conferences currently used, along with the maximum number of unused conferences allowed within the current plan is displayed in the circle.

Creating a Conference

Before you can use conferencing, you need to create a meeting room by clicking the Add Conference button.

As a minimum, you’ll need to specify the conference’s name, and take note of the user PIN.

For details on the options presented, jump down to Conference Options below.

Editing an Existing Conference

Any previously created conferences will show under the configured conferences list, with an overview of the conference configuration. To change any of these details, click the Edit button for your target conference.

For details on the options presented, jump down to Conference Options below.

To delete a conference, locate the target conference room and click the icon.

Conference Options

When creating or editing a conference, you’re presented with the following options, which are detail below:

Our 1800 Conference Dial-In number is 1800 251 615