Bria Solo – For IOS/Android/Mac/Windows

Tronic recommends Cloud Softphone for mobile app, included with our Hosted PBX plans for free. Cloud Softphone uses push notifications, significantly improving battery life. Find out more at Tronic Cloud Softphone Install Guide or Tronic Cloud Softphone User Guide

Configure Extension in

Before you begin, ensure that you’ve created your extension in the VoIP Portal, To retrieve the details of an existing extension, or create a new extension, login to the My Account Portal and select PBX Extensions or SIP Trunks from the menu, depending on your service type. If you’re creating a new extension, click the Add Extension button, fill in the details and click Save. For additional information on creating an extension, please see Portal Guide – PBX Extensions and Sip Trunks

Find the extension number you’re configuring, then click Edit.

Take note of the following fields, highlighted in the image below, as you’ll need these to setup the device. 

  • Register Username: This is the full username, not the short Ext No.
  • SIP Proxy: The server you’ll be connecting to.
  • Re-Register Interval: Defines how often your device should check in.
  • Password: The extension’s password

Note that if the extension is already configured on a device, you’ll need to reconfigure, power down or factory reset the currently connected device before the required information will be displayed. Alternatively delete the extension and recreate. Only one device can register to an Extension at the same time..

Configure Bria solo from Bria website

Go to Bria Solo and sign up for a bria solo account using your email address and password.

Sign up for a Bria Solo account at

Login to account later using using email address and password you used to create account at

Upgrade account to a paid bria solo subscription. You get a 21 day trial though.

Free account you can not transfer or change codec so is highly not recommended not to be used. As of August 2020 the price is for a 1 year subscription is only $31.92US which is about $45 AU. So a very fair price. Currently you can use on 3 devices.

Another good source of information is this video on youtube.


Click on Manage Configuration


Enter the following Service Label as Tronic Cloud


Enter SIP USERNAME/CALL EXTENSION and AUTHORIZATION USERNAME as per your extension Register Username from

SIP/VOICE PASSWORD is your Extension password
CALL DISPLAY is your Ext Num from extension. Normally a 3 digit number.
Then Click Service Settings. Copy settings exactly as per the picture above
Then Click Save and Close

Cloud Softphone can be downloaded at the following links:

IOS/Android Install

Install Bria Solo from links above or do a search in the Apple App Store or Goole PlayStore for Bria. Correct application logo is below.

Once installed run the applications and allow all permissions as per below pictures.

Enter your Email Address and password you used to setup Bria account.

Setting should be download from Bria website you configured.

Once ready as per last screenshot below you should have Number pad and Phone Ready Tronic Cloud at top of screen.

Congratulations. You can now use this Application.

If you get stuck at any time please email or click on the Live Support on tab on the bottom right of this website during business hours.

For the user guides please click the applicable software suite below.