Nearly half of all information workers now do business outside the office at least some of the time. And more than half of midmarket companies allow individuals to choose their own devices.

Avaya delivers a seamless, professional experience across mobile devices so employees can communicate just as easily and effectively outside the office as they do inside the office.




Not all small to mid-sized businesses have small to mid-sized needs. For today’s small businesses with big messaging requirements, the solution is Avaya IP Office Voice Mail Pro. By upgrading your IP Office telephone system to Voice Mail Pro from Voice Mail Lite, your business can have sophisticated messaging and call handling features at its fingertips, boosting productivity and maximizing return on investment, and all for a fraction of the price of similar large voice mail systems. With Avaya IP Office Voice Mail Pro, your business can start leveraging advanced features today, such as:

Advanced Automated-Attendant Capability

Make sure that every telephone call to your business gets routed quickly and correctly with powerful, multi-level auto-attendants. Virtually unlimited automated-attendants allow you to customize the experience that each caller receives, allowing your customers to get exactly the information they need when they need it – without the need to go through a receptionist.

Enhanced Call Queuing

Getting stuck in queue is the most frustrating part of calling your business for your customers. Minimize hang-ups and lost calls in call centers by utilizing the powerful call queuing enhancements provided by Voice Mail Pro. Customize your customer’s experience; give them choices. The powerful automated-attendant capability of IP Office Voice Mail Pro can be used within a call queue – allowing callers to stop waiting and leave a message, transfer to another group, transfer to a frequently asked questions recording, and more.

Call Recording

For businesses with an eye on improving the customer service experience, the ability to easily record and review calls is essential – and its never been easier than with Avaya’s Voice Mail Pro. Record all calls, record a random percentage of calls, record calls at certain times of day, record calls on demand with the touch of a button – you decide. Recordings can be saved anywhere in the system, making them easy to retrieve and review. And since all recordings are stored as .wav files, you can easily burn them to CD – allowing you to create accurate archives and conserve digital storage.
Avaya IP Office Voice Mail Pro also enables the use of additional business phone system applications such as Integrated Messaging System ( IMS ), Conferencing Center and Compact Contact Center.