Which ISP do we recommended?

Aussie Broadband is our recommended ISP to use with Tronic Cloud and Tronic Hosted 3CX. This is because they peer direct to the same data centres that we us, giving the best possible chance of supplier voice quality and reliability.

We also like that they are Australian owned and have a 100% Aussie support team.

However any ISP with a distance of 1 in the table below will provide superior performance.

We are also directly connected to a number of leading ISPs in Australia to ensure voice quality is never affected by internet congestion between ISPs.

We also have the option of rebilling Aussie Broadband via your Tronic cloud account. This also means we can support your Aussie Broadband connection as well as your VoIP solution.

Have any questions feel free to contact our Sales team at sales@tronic.com.au  or by calling 1300 788 718



Connection Method

1 Aussie Broadband Direct Interconnect
1 TPG, Internode, iiNet, AAPT, Future Broadband Direct Interconnect
1 Superloop, Skymesh, NuSkope Direct Interconnect
2 Telstra, Belong Via Transit Partner (Superloop)
2 Optus Via Transit Partner (AAPT)
3+ Kogan Internet Via Transit Partners
3+ Vodafone Via Transit Partners
3+ Other ISPs Via Transit Partners