Using 3CX in a Hybrid Working Setup

Using 3CX in a Hybrid Working Setup

Many organisations have had a shock to the system in adapting to remote working, scrabbling to get the right IT solutions in place. Now with the experience of working remotely, there are already signs that organisations will continue to work this way at least some of the time. Where remote working solutions have been hastily embraced in some cases, now is the right time to assess what solutions will best serve organisations for working both in and out of the office – a hybrid way of working. Below is how 3CX’s VoIP communication solutions can meet the challenges of this ‘new normal’.

Working anywhere

‘The office’ is no longer a fixed building but a state of mind. Where over 50% of employees have been working from home, it’s likely they’ll soon be expected to work both in the office some of the time and even on-the-go others.

Business systems need to work seamlessly in all of these locations – there’s no excuse for poor reliability now.
As a VoIP communication solution, 3CX supports hybrid working through cross-device accessibility. The ability to answer calls from a PC, desk phone or mobile device empowers workers to perform their roles effectively, seamlessly answering calls in whichever location they find themselves that day.

For mental wellbeing, employees should still have the means to leave the office at the end of the day even if working at home. 3CX can support this too: by the user activating ‘Out of Office’ or ‘Do Not Disturb’, 3CX can be configured to either route calls to out of hours numbers or activate an answer phone, giving employees important downtime and headspace away from work.

Video calling is the ‘new normal’

Video calling has proved of vital importance recently. Once something of a novelty, video meetings are now a daily occurrence for many and a key part of hybrid working. And it is easy to understand why. Research indicates that only 7% of human communication is verbal, with 55% a mix of body language and facial expression.

Accurate communication is of vital importance to a business, whether attracting new customers or communicating with existing ones. In the absence of in-person meetings, video calling offers a more natural and engaging means of communicating. It’s free from the misinterpretation possible with email. And unlike audio-only calls, it’s easier to keep the other person’s attention and make sure you’re making your point effectively – whether through screen sharing, offering a demo or just being engaging.

Video conferencing is included free as part of 3CX. It can be launched in two clicks between 3CX users, with up to 250 participants able to join a conference call. It’s easy to invite those not using 3CX onto video calls, with no additional software to download and no time limits on calls. And like your 3CX audio calls, your video call information is available in 3CX to review should you need it.

Staying engaged

While finding ways to keep customers and prospects engaged will be at the forefront of many organisations’ minds right now, keeping staff engaged is equally as important. Much as organisations have had to adapt to the challenges of remote and hybrid working, so have many employees. And results will be mixed: while some will handle it well, others will not be as focused or productive as usual. Others working remotely may also feel isolated and disengaged with work. This can either lead to negativity seeping into work life, or the individual becoming more open to other work opportunities, potentially creating a recruitment headache for you.

However employees are handling remote working, regular communication will help them stay engaged and motivated. With 3CX, you can phone or video call employees over Wi-Fi at no cost. And if you’re managing a large team, you can also check phone records to see when you last engaged with individuals and call them if you’ve not caught up in a while. The 3CX app also supports direct messaging to other app users. So if you want to engage your team without losing a morning to phone calls, you could quickly send them a message or picture – individually or as a group – to motivate them and brighten their day. Group messaging is also an efficient way to share important company news and updates in a more direct and personal way than email.

Allowing organisations to work as flexibly and productively as possible will be the key to success in the coming months and 3CX can be a key part of this solution.

By July 3rd, 2020