Android 18.1.5 Official Release

The latest official release of our Android App is now available for update and download from the Google Play Store. It introduces a new and improved contact matching algorithm, a notification screen providing further information of the routing of the call, as well as H264 support for your SIP phone and doorbells.

H264 Codec Support


This new update provides H264 codec support for SIP phones and doorbells that are compatible. You will receive a normal 3CX call with an option to elevate to a video call if your doorbell supports H264 codec. Android users can also open the door connected to a door phone by entering a code that is pre-defined in the door phone’s WebUI.

CRM improvements


CRM contacts can be easily searched without the need of having this contact first synchronized in the company phonebook. Simply search for a contact by name, email or number and the app will return matches from both the company and CRM integration that match your search criteria. These CRM lookup results are available when:

  • Searching in the Contacts screen
  • Composing a SMS
  • Adding a participant to a scheduled meeting
  • Transferring an ongoing call

An automatic lookup for CRM matches is also performed when receiving an incoming call. If you receive a call from a number that is not registered in your phonebook, the client tries to perform a contact lookup in your CRM integration software, and if matched will display the contact information.

‘Note: This feature requires Update 8′